Are You a Puppet? How to Transcend Your Flaws and Find Peace

Abram Moore
4 min readMay 10, 2022

Self-help solutions require honesty.

On the surface, this statement doesn’t appear bold or outrageous until you consider how many times you lie to yourself daily. People lie to themselves to minimize discomfort or pain, and many of us are far too busy in our daily lives to face traumatic experiences that need better management.

We often compartmentalize, separating and isolating our negative feelings from what we perceive as positive and valuable emotional fuel. We keep our negative experiences and emotions neatly packed in the back of our spiritual closets. Still, we forget that every box we’ve hidden away is tethered and connected to every action we make outside our secret place.

The more we hide negative experiences, the more likely we’ll experience adverse effects when trying to live a life of light and positivity.

Those tethers will turn to puppetry when you do not embrace the negative experiences life has gifted you. You will have a hard time expressing yourself and controlling your emotions in any situation. It could feel like you’re just not in control of anything, and if life brings you lemons, you forget how to make lemonade. Something is preventing you from experiencing life fully present.

Don’t let the strings control you, don’t become enslaved to the emotions of your former self. It’s time to identify and cut the lines to the past. If the strings seem too thick, you can at least acknowledge or reorganize the rope before it binds, restricts, and keeps you from experiencing peace. One of the most profound questions I had to ask myself was, “why do I want the things I want.” When I took this introspective journey, I initially lied to myself.

There were many things I blamed on social media or familial issues that once consumed me in the past. I clung to what I now considered “the obvious.” I looked at what tv shows and movies say are often root causes for someones underlying issues, and I attached that logic to my situation. While the shoe partially fit, it wasn’t the solution to my problems. I realized something about myself, something I never really wanted to admit. I cared too much about what…



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