Overthinking in Business: The Story of You vs. You

Abram Moore
3 min readApr 1, 2022

The Character Development of You, the Protagonist

If you ever felt stagnant in your professional goals, you need to ask yourself, “Who am I comparing myself to?” Social media has its issues, but overachievers like myself tend to care less about what other people think. So, why do we still feel down when we survey the present landscape of our professional lives?

Some overachievers can be big overthinkers, and we constantly compare ourselves to our future selves. We overanalyze, making it hard to “surprise” ourselves. Our constant analysis of our situation makes us too “nosy” to let things progress organically. — Yes, I believe you can be “the nosy person” in your own life. It’s a pretty meta concept, but let’s talk about it.

Who’s the Real Antagonist in Your Work Story

When it comes to your professional goals, who’s really asking those imposing questions about “how are you going to do that?” Sometimes, it’s not friends, family, or peers; we’re too private for that. We’re the ones asking too many questions, and we’re the ones stifling our joy. We’ll create a business plan and strategy and map out an entire process, but we can become bitter when comparing our present state to our own ambition. It’s like the idea of our own potential stifles us, and we’re under the pressure of our oncoming but unattained success.

No matter how many connections we have or how much wealth we can accumulate, we do not have control over time. I recently realized that I have been so worried about the future, and I spend so much time thinking about it that I sometimes mistakenly avoid making required changes in the present to create the future I see for myself.

“I think about giant leaps and the journey through a romanticized lens, and I know I’m not the only one.”

My Personal Plot Twist

Over the next year, I will be making a few changes to ensure that I don’t fall prey to overthinking, immobility, bad partnerships, imposter syndrome, and overanalysis. — I’m also making additional changes to improve my general quality of life.

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