Why FOMO Is Keeping You From Becoming a Millionaire.

Abram Moore
3 min readApr 11, 2022

When creating a personal brand or business, it is a common belief that you need to have a niche or specific focus to succeed. When you have a sense of direction in the content you create and your marketing strategy, you create an opportunity to become top of mind for individuals and businesses looking specifically for your expertise. For some influencers, this niche is easy to define and build content around.

For people that are multifaceted jack and jane’s of all trades, identifying a “niche” can feel like a grueling task.

What type of content do you create when your passion leads you across traditional industry lines? How do you define yourself, and what do you do when you’re naturally inquisitive and have a variety of business goals. How do you focus on one thing when so many things inspire you daily, and you want to share it all with your friends, family, and followers. What do you do when your personal and business goals don’t have one happy ending but multiple, and you feel trapped by the idea of only focusing on one thing.

There is a chance that you have professional FOMO. There is a “fear of missing out” on business opportunities that keep you from being consistent and draw your attention from accomplishing any goals. While I advocate for having more than one dream, and I believe you can conquer multiple mountains in one lifetime, the stifling truth is that you can’t finish something if you never begin. FOMO may have created a different kind of monster; what if your ability to articulate vision has made your handicap?

The ability to articulate a vision is when you can hear an idea and truly see its potential and future even if you didn’t come up with it. While this is a beautiful skill in most situations, it can sometimes release other problems. Let me provide you with this breakdown as an example:

  • Has anyone ever come to you with an innovative thought or business idea, and you thought, “That sounds wonderful, and I can do that.” there is a slight chance that you have professional FOMO.
  • If you go home and do loads of research about this new idea or business opportunity, even though you have your project to work on, you have…
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