You Know What You Have to Do to Become a Millionaire, but You Don’t, and Here Is Why.

Abram Moore
3 min readMay 2, 2022

How often have we heard,

“it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey?”

Usually, platitudes like this are the perfect motivational quotes for throw pillows and posters. Sure, we can trim our home with attractive but nonfunctioning items like this, but why deny the expression’s practicality and truth. We say it as an inspiration but hardly live by the meaning.

If you understood the power behind embracing your journey, you would undoubtedly set yourself up for immense success. However, the modern era has instituted an “ I want it now” culture that lacks the fortitude to persist through moments of discomfort. We focus on the destination and not the journey. Why should we wait when everything is just a click away. Why should we build when companies build shortcuts for us. If we want to be successful in business or creatively, we just need to go viral, right?

We dream of the end before we begin, and it’s hard because we see thousands of people who achieve our aspirations every day on television, on social media, and through internet news articles. It used to be easy to keep our head down and grind it out. Still, when people oversimplify their success with posts like, “Do these five things to achieve these results,” it’s easy to lose faith and forget one fundamental value that leads to great success, consistency.

Consistency is the only thing that separates the dreamers from the lucid dreamers. Why would you be a passive observer when you can engineer your success.

If you lack the will to be consistent, you will see people less skilled than you become more successful. Consistency builds character because it allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. When you are consistent, you often make crucial life-altering mistakes. Without these missteps, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to correct and adjust your methods and hit your milestones.

When you pursue your dreams, the only way you can achieve true perfection is by having consistent errors; that means you are consistently learning and growing. The journey you take must become your focus because you have to be passionate about…

Abram Moore

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